BCBSRI’s The Rhode Ahead Magazine

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island publishes a member magazine for commercial and Medicare members that features health and wellness tips, guides, stories, recipes, and more. In 2018, CC:S was asked to redesign the magazine’s template to create a bolder, more dynamic look and feel to resonate more with their audience. With the new template design, we created cohesion across sections and consistency with typography, color and style. A color coding system was developed to distinguish the Spring, Summer and Fall issues. A primary goal with the redesign was to ensure maximum legibility and accessibility, especially for the senior recipients. Type size, color contrast and ample white space were thoughtfully considered for the new template. CC:S continues to work closely with BCBSRI on the design and layout each new issue.

What We Delivered

  • Publication Brand Refresh
  • Publication Design and Layout
  • Infographics and Icons