Motion Graphics

Why Motion Graphics?

Animated video and motion graphics allow you to speak to your audience in a way proven to increase engagement and awareness of your brand. CC:S offers dynamic visual experiences designed to make your brand’s message entertaining, informative and memorable.

Uses for Motion Graphics

Explainer videos

Animated, live-action and whiteboard videos explain a company, product or service with clarity and simplicity.

  • Communicate complex ideas
  • Connect with your audience
  • Boost engagement & conversions
  • Increase brand visibility

Data Visualization

Visual representation of information such as charts, graphs and maps tell a story with data.

  • Make data more compelling with infographics
  • Enhance learning with a colorful
  • Visual experience
  • Reinforce viewer insights
  • Expand confidence & credibility

Promotional Videos

Marketing content promotes your company, products, services or events.

  • Inform and answer questions
  • Help customers make decisions
  • Increase conversions
  • Drive sales

Culture Marketing

Videos are created to focus on the people, passion and vision of your brand.

  • Highlight people behind the brand
  • Build community
  • Showcase the passion of your vision
  • Create more meaningful relationships

Educational & Training Videos

eLearning videos educate and train employees, volunteers and audiences alike.

  • Boost efficiency
  • Optimize information retention
  • Maintain a consistent brand message
  • Foster company identity

Product Demos

Animated or live-action content demonstrates how your product works.

  • Show off your product
  • Demonstrate value
  • Convince your audience
  • Start a conversation

Our Motion Graphic Services

The process starts with discovery, which allows us to understand your goals and build the most effective strategy for connecting with your audience.

Concept Development

We create elegant concepts designed to tell your story in a simple yet impactful way.

Script Writing

A script brings your story to life. It captures your concept’s tone, pace and message while outlining every detail of the action.


Storyboarding is a frame-by-frame sketch of the script. This process allows us to sculpt and optimize each moment of the story.


Artwork breathes personality into your brand’s visual identity, which allows your message to connect on a deeper level.

2D Animation

The animation process actualizes your story into a multi-sensory experience.

Video Editing

Video editing manipulates and rearranges existing footage to create a final product. It can include color and sound correction as well as other enhancements.