Bristol BookFest

Bristol BookFest is a free, two-day public humanities program devoted to a close reading of a major literary text. An intellectually challenging event that brings together serious general readers with scholars in the fields of literature, history, political science, and film from Rhode Island and beyond.

For the inaugural event in 2020, the selected book is All the King’s Men, exploring themes that include populism, politics and power, race, media and public perception, loyalty, friendship, and betrayal.

CC:S created the event branding, including a logo, monogram, website, merchandise and promotional materials. A reimagined book cover for All the King’s Men was designed in a bold, graphic style and is used as the hero image for promotional collateral. The two-color palette, red and blue, was inspired by the theme of the book. For subsequent years, the colors of the logo and materials will change to reflect the tone and theme of the selected books, and new book cover designs will follow the graphic style established for the inaugural event.

What We Delivered

  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Print Collateral
  • Merchandise

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