Infinite Bloom Cannabis

Infinite Bloom is a micro cannabis cultivator based in Rhode Island focused on producing the highest quality cannabis to create the most positive experience for patients. Poised for growth in this competitive sector, Infinite Bloom, formerly known as East Coast Cannabis Company, looked to elevate their brand recognition. CC:S first helped them establish a new name that was distinct and captured the company’s personality and vision. The brand identity was then designed, combining playful connected letterforms that speak to growth and a graphic flower mark that can be used separately in patterns or as a supergraphic on materials. The brand identity was extended to promotional collateral, including stationery, website, social media templates, packaging and merchandise. A toolkit of templates and assets was developed so the team at Infinite Bloom can easily manage their branding day to day.

What We Delivered

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Stationery
  • Website
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Merchandise

In a short period of time the CC:S team worked vigorously to develop a new name and create a brand image for our company. They researched the cannabis industry in order to help guide us to become the company we are today. Thanks to CC:S, Infinite Bloom is now a well-known cultivator in Rhode Island with a growing number of customers. Since the brand launch, we have expanded our operations by opening an extraction lab. CC:S provided the tools for Infinite Bloom to become a leader in the cannabis industry and help grow the business.

Greg Filippo, Founder