Math for America

Math for America (MfA) awards a four-year mathematics and science fellowship for experienced, accomplished STEM teachers. All teachers who receive an MƒA fellowship join a city-wide STEM community of critical thinkers, collaborative learners, and acclaimed experts. MfA’s goal is to improve retention nationally by establishing a network of independent programs modeled on MƒA that supports communities of accomplished mathematics and science teachers across the country.

CC:S has partnered with MfA since 2018 to design and produce standout recruitment campaigns to help find the best teachers across New York City. For the first campaign, CC:S created an illustrative pattern and curated duotone imagery that worked with the tagline “The Power of the MfA Community”. The initial campaign was rolled out over a two year period. In 2020, the theme of the campaigns shifted to helping teachers move forward during the pandemic and beyond in a virtual learning environment.

The campaigns consisted of a series of static and animated display banner ads, paid social ads, print ads in local trade publications, and NYC subway posters. A recruitment brochure, presentation tools, pop-up banners and other print collateral were developed for in-person recruitment events. 

What We Delivered

  • Campaign Branding
  • Digital Recruitment Campaigns
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Print Collateral
  • Presentation Tools
  • Event Graphics