DESIGN IS Rhode Island is a multi-faceted marketing campaign for the RI design sector, presented by DESIGNxRI, a nonprofit economic development organization with a mission to create an opportunity-driven environment for RI designers and design businesses.

Design is a global driver for economic, social and consumer impact. It is the change agent that affects the way we interface with each other, with products, with the built environment and with the systems that make the world go round. DESIGN IS aims to capture this impact through the energy and spirit of the design mind while highlighting Rhode Island designers.

The first piece developed for the campaign was a high-end brochure that highlights the breadth and impact of RI design, which was sent to businesses and chambers of commerce to bolster awareness. An accompanying website showcases a mix of RI designers and disciplines through videos and articles.

A semi-annual magazine builds off of the DESIGN IS RI campaign and features articles, profiles and happenings about the RI design sector. DESIGN IS presents the conversation of design and design’s impact through the lens of the Rhode Island design community.

What We Delivered

  • Campaign Identity
  • Promotional Brochure
  • Magazine
  • Website